Strategy and vision


PinchBet’s Strategy is to generate substantial positive returns, at a low risk, over time.

While a high ROI in betting can be relevant if the number of bets are large, our main strategy is not to achieve highest possible ROI, but to generate substantial positive returns despite placing a large number of bets. Thus, we are aiming at providing the betting community with a high activity / low risk service. Should you as a punter start to feel comfortable with our performance, you can increase your stakes in order to get a higher absolute return, provided that we continue to be successful. More experienced followers can use our service selectively; that is to pick the betting tips that fits best with their own strategy.

The reason why we are not primarily focusing on highest possible ROI is simply that a high percentage figure won’t feed you. What we think is more important is absolute return – in terms of money.


Our vision is to be the top of the mind inplay football tipster within the online betting community.


PinchBet will provide a high activity based betting service while at the same time being reliable and quality focused. We will work hard to make it easy for our followers to validate our performance continuously.

Our goal

Despite engaging in a high betting activity, our main goal is to deliver positive returns month by month. A good service needs little marketing 🙂


– In March 2015 our betting picks resulted in a ROI of 20.3% (49 bets)
– In July 2015 our betting picks resulted in a ROI of 24% (334 bets)
– PinchBet’s picks have resulted in positive returns all months from the start
– On average we publish 7.8 inplay betting tips per day

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