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Information with regard to the poll on 31 October 2016:

* Timer – Each time we publish a pick a timer starts to tick. Bet is not on before 45 seconds has passed.
* Personal notifications – The possibility to choose what kinds of notifications you wish to receive.
* Extensive game details – Information about what league, tournament or cup the game is associated with.
* High msg reliability – Reliability in terms of speed and delivery of all PinchBet messages.


Having run our online betting service for 20 months, with over to 6,500 picks officially published, an ROI of > 6 % and almost 6,200 EUR earned –  despite fairly small stakes – we are now planning to make the next move in the PinchBet era. Despite our high activity we have been able to deliver profit every 18 out of 20 months. During 12 months of operation we have gathered extensive input and feedback from you – our followers. The feedback has made it clear to us that the service has the potential of becoming substantially better. Despite being profitable and operating under low risk, some followers tend to drop off due to our high activity. A few of you has clearly communicated that you think there are just too many picks. At the same time, a majority of our followers like us for particularly that reason: our ability to perform outstanding results under – some would say – extremely high betting activity.

Would it somehow be possible to combine the best of both worlds? What if we developed an App (iOS/Android) where you could individualize your PinchBet experience? For instance, we could make it possible for you to choose the maximum amount of bets that reach you each day. You would also be able to manage what kinds of picks you would receive i.e. goals over / goals under / asian hcp / picks with historical ROI over X % / rating >2 / odds higher than 2.00 etc.

Resources; time and money, will have to go into the development of such a product. However, once developed we are confident that we will be able to provide you with a betting tool more powerful than what you will likely find elsewhere.

To understand your willingness to see such a product – our tipster service in a “PinchBet App”– we are today, 24 February 2016, launching a poll. Please vote whether you would like to see the product and if so, how much you would be prepared to pay per month for the service.

Thanks for your contribution!

Kind regards,

Team PinchBet


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